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 Digimon Xros Wars Ep29 - "Taiki & Kiriha VS the Bagra Army, a Complete Showdown!"

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PostSubject: Digimon Xros Wars Ep29 - "Taiki & Kiriha VS the Bagra Army, a Complete Showdown!"   Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:44 am

Taiki and others comes to Sword Zone, where the Digimon in this zone (consisting of Beowulfmon, Vajramon, Yasyamon) have a goal to become the real swordsman as they are competing each other in fair battles. However, Grademon attacks with an army of Dinohyumon and Troopmon as Team Xros Heart comes to the aid of the surviving Digimon. As Bagra Army's Swordsmen attack, Taiki form Shoutmon X5 who easily defeats Grademon, giving Xros Heart gets Sword Zone's Code Crown. All of sudden, Grademon's body got reform after fainting, and turns golden as he runs in shame while vowing a rematch. By then, Kiriha appears in front of Taiki and others and reveals the Sword Zone Code Crown is the last of the Code Crowns to be obtained by the groups, thus the war for the Digital World is about to commence. Kiriha. As previous Zone Bagra Army leaders are revived, Tactimon appears and overwhelms Shoutmon x5 and DeckerGreymon with his power. With the two strongest Xros Digimon defeated, Tactimon takes the Code Crowns from Taiki's and Kiriha's Xros Loarders, adding them to his own for a total of 108 Code Crowns. Bagramon is pleased with Tactimon's progress when Damemon arrives with DarkKnightmon. Taiki, Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, and Sparrowmon managed to break free from Tactimon's gravity attack. When Tactimon fires an attack on Taiki, Grademon returns and blocks the attack. Grademon then destroys the sword-based tower as Beelzemon arrives to help Taiki fight Tactimon. Taiki forms Shoutmon x5B who, with help from the rest of Xros Heart and Greymon, sends Tactimon flying. However, Bagramon arrives in a tornado and absorbs all of the Code Crowns, combining them in the presence of Lilithmon and DarkKnightmon. Taiki, Zenjirou, Akari, and Shoutmon get sucked up into the tornado, the three humans finding themselves back on Earth.

AVI | MEGAUPLOAD megaupload.com UHDLG3KS
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Digimon Xros Wars Ep29 - "Taiki & Kiriha VS the Bagra Army, a Complete Showdown!"

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